Interactive video analysis and evaluation, testing, and education.


Whether you’re shooting video with your camera, phone or tablet we get your video to you the fastest. With ZOOOM you can stop worrying about “converting” and “prepping”, and focus on using your video to get better.


Take advantage of the same technology the pros use, for a fraction of the cost of other video apps. We will work with your group to build a solution which fits with your bottom line. Budgets are tight. We’re here to help.


Build a network of groups, association members, mentors and peers to share your video with. Then, collaborate, evaluate and study virtually. Our privacy standards mean you’ll never worry about your video “leaking” somewhere it shouldn’t.

ZOOOM was designed to help you showcase, enhance and advance your officiating career. 

We’ve made it easier than ever for you and your officiating buddies to stay connected. Whether you’re interested in helping analyze a peer’s game video or finding a veteran official who can give you feedback about a tough call you made last night, we’ve got all the tools you need to do it instantly. 

Are you trying to move up or advance your career? Use ZOOOM to connect with Supervisors, at all levels, around the country.  Present your officiating resume in a way that will get you noticed. Show them who you are, what you can do, and how you’d make their league or conference better. 

We’ve got everything you need to accomplish your goals in officiating. It’s time to get started.

Teams have been analyzing game video since they had to tape it together on the reel. Why shouldn’t your Intramural Program or Association?

We work with IM Programs and Associations around the country to help you improve, recruit and retain your members. From high school football to professional polo, we work with all sports, at all levels. 

Are all your IM officials, regions, and local associations making calls consistently? Do you know how to find out? We do! Our revolutionary tools help you get a snapshot of the state of your department or association from top to bottom, and help you identify ways to make it better. 

Sign up now and give your members the same types of tools the pros use, so they can begin learning more effectively. 


Could your league or conference use a more efficient way of evaluating, recruiting and educating qualified officials? Would you like to see more consistency around your state or in your league?

We help you connect with your officials everyday. It’s easy and it’s efficient. We are confident we can help you create an improved training and education process, while decreasing your workload.  Many associations and leagues around the country feel disconnected and struggle to recruit and retain new officials. You won’t with ZOOOM. 

Today’s sporting events are often decided by tenths of seconds and fractions of inches. We understand officiating and can help you prepare your people for those critical moments before and after the whistle.

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"Video study is clearly the most powerful training and development tool for any official, no matter the sport or level. There have been many technological changes in the way video has been studied over my career, starting with 35mm film, to VHS, to DVDs and to software. Zooom is the next step in the natural progression of video study, and provides tools that were once only available to the highest level of officials. Studying video has been invaluable in my officiating career, and the changes and progression of the available video tools have been a key in my career..."

Ed Hochuli

Professional Football Official 1990 - 2018
National Football League

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"There is no substitute for experience in officiating. However, experience can be enhanced even further through video study. During my 20 seasons in the NFL, the single most valuable tool for improvement is the use of video technology. [Zooom] is a terrific way for officials at all levels, from any sport, to take the next step in their officiating career."

Bill Carollo

Retired NFL Referee & Current Coordinator of Officials
Big Ten Conference & C.O.C.

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"Officiating skills are improved in every sport by reviewing and breaking down video tape. Recall is vital for successful officials - our ability to pull plays up thru mental replay, then apply it to the action on the field or court is the goal.

Without video we would have to experience each play personally for recall, yet with technology we can learn from other officials experience and like fast forwarding video; we can fast forward our learning experiences..."

Bob Delaney

Current Crew Chief Development Advisor
Basketball Referee/Crew Chief 1987-2011
2003 NASO Gold Whistle Award Winner
National Basketball Association

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