What Makes ZOOOM Different for Sports Officials?

Kyle Armstrong

It’s a question we get ALL the time and the answer is easy…

Usability, user interface, features, speed, efficiency. It’s all different. It’s all been designed SPECIFICALLY for sports officials, to give them the tools they need to be successful. But the truth is, there’s something much deeper that makes us different.


We are officials. We understand officials. And we believe in giving back to officiating.

Our CEO, Mark Baltz, spent 50 years refereeing sports at all levels. He got started working intramural games at Ohio University and eventually rose through the ranks to spend 25 highly successful years as a Head Linesman in the National Football League.

He had great mentors along the way. Officials, such as Jim Tunney and Jerry Markbreit, who took him under their wings to make sure he would succeed. From the day our company was formed, Mark instilled that mentality in all of us: Give back and don’t forget who helped you along the way. 


So the truth is, it’s not just a set of features or the way our website looks that makes us different. It’s not just the way you upload video or create libraries of categorized plays to share with other officials around the world.

It’s our VALUES that make us different. It’s the BROTHERHOOD. It’s our ability, and willingness, to listen to officials and give them what they need to be successful.

We’re all in this together, and we are committed to giving back.  Officiating is at a critical point in its history. A time where more officials are quitting or retiring, than are picking up a whistle for the first time. A time where real problems exist.

It is VITAL we support officials, young and old, who are committed to the craft. They are the FUTURE of officiating.

And tools like ZOOOM are the key to helping sports officiating thrive once again.

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