ZOOOM + IM’s = The FUTURE of Officiating

Kyle Armstrong

Here at ZOOOM, we believe the FUTURE of sports officiating can be found on YOUR campus!

Ever since we announced our exciting partnership with NIRSA to support the Student Officiating Development Campaign, we have been blown away by the level of commitment, and the amount of effort, poured in to student officiating at campuses around the country.

At ZOOOM, we are passionate about the officiating industry, and we’ve made a commitment to leave it better than we found it. BUT we can’t do it without you!

Last year we created the NIRSA National Video Exchanges, as another way to help you, and your Campus Recreation Department, collaborate with other professionals who are passionate about  providing the highest level of training and education to your student sports officials.

Any good official knows video is the most powerful tool there is to do so. That’s why we need YOU to be a part of our journey to keep officiating sustainable for the future.  

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to get your program started with ZOOOM. In a time where more officials are retiring and quitting than picking up a whistle for the first time, make your mark, and help us continue to support the next generation of officiating!  


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