Whether you’ve got 5, or 5,000 members, ZOOOM App, is what you need to enhance your video training and education programs!
We are a proud NASO Education Partner, a NIRSA Associate Member, and we’ve partnered with more than 100 officiating organizations around the world who understand what it takes to get better!

We’ve been named an NASO “Gamechanger” every year since 2014 (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)!
We can help you, your Association and your Intramural Department. 

Our platforms were designed by working with some of the most brilliant minds in the sports industry; individuals who have reached the pinnacle of their careers in the NBA, NFL, and throughout major collegiate sports. By learning what helped them reach the top, we created the technology you need to do the same.

Our goal is to help officials, in all sports, use video to get better. Intramural programs and Associations can easily create and share training videos, You Make the Call plays, and weekly points of emphasis, in seconds. Deliver a consistent training message to all your officials, provide educational materials to use in meetings and clinics, find out if plays are being called the way you want them called, and connect with your officials to get them the training they need.

ZOOOM App has all the tools you need to Officiate, Evaluate, and Elevate like the pros.

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"Officiating skills are improved in every sport by reviewing and breaking down video. Recall is vital for successful officials - our ability to pull plays up thru mental replay, then apply it to the action on the field or court is the goal.

With technology we can learn from other officials experience and like fast forwarding video; we can fast forward our learning experiences. Video review reinforces what you are doing right and provides an opportunity to SEE what needs to be improved."

Bob Delaney

Current Crew Chief Development Advisor
Basketball Referee/Crew Chief 1987-2011
2003 NASO Gold Whistle Award Winner
National Basketball Association

President & CEO
Mark brings a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge to ZOOOM. As a 25-year veteran NFL official, he has officiated 21 post-season games and five conference championships. He is a member of numerous officiating Boards, is the Founding Director of the Indiana Football Officials Association, and has been inducted in both the Indiana Basketball and Indiana Football Halls of Fame. With over 50 years of experience in both officiating and business, he is devoted to helping shape the future of the officiating industry by “giving back” what he’s learned throughout his career.
Founder & Vice President
Kyle is avid sports fan and lover of technology. He began his career as a PGA Golf Teaching Professional after graduating from Ball State University. Armed with the discipline and work ethic he learned on the golf course, Kyle began working with various start-up companies and founded ZOOOM in 2010. With over 10 years of experience working with early stage companies, he remains active in the entrepreneurial community and brings a wealth of knowledge ranging from business planning and development to project management and marketing.
Secretary & Treasurer
Mark has 39 years of experience in accounting primarily in management positions with agricultural cooperatives. His professional strengths include financial planning, management, corporate administration, and accounting practice. Specifically, his experience includes cash management, financial statement preparation and analysis, budgeting, financing needs projections, credit, payroll and tax. Mark has additionally done work for small businesses for 15 years doing year-end closings and tax preparation for small businesses. Mark is a graduate of the Indiana University School of Business with an accounting major. He has also served as a national director of the National Society of Accountants for Cooperatives.
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