Even in Uncertain Times : Preparation Makes Perfect…

One would be hard-pressed to find an individual or business entity that hasn’t been adversely affected in one way or another by this unprecedented climate. Of course, some more than others, but the world of sports was one of the most significantly impacted areas of our lives. Unfortunately, many winter sports officials missed their semi-finals … more »

ZOOOM + IM’s = The FUTURE of Officiating

Here at ZOOOM, we believe the FUTURE of sports officiating can be found on YOUR campus! Ever since we announced our exciting partnership with NIRSA to support the Student Officiating Development Campaign, we have been blown away by the level of commitment, and the amount of effort, poured in to student officiating at campuses around the … more »

ZOOOM is Changing How Campus Rec Thinks About Training Student Officials

We recently announced an exciting partnership with NIRSA to support the Student Officiating Development Campaign. Now, we are excited to announce ANOTHER MAJOR INITIATIVE designed to ensure young officials are given every opportunity to launch, fuel and advance their officiating goals. The NIRSA National Video Exchanges powered by ZOOOM are coming SOON! It’s a brand-new … more »

What Makes ZOOOM Different for Sports Officials?

It’s a question we get ALL the time and the answer is easy… Usability, user interface, features, speed, efficiency. It’s all different. It’s all been designed SPECIFICALLY for sports officials, to give them the tools they need to be successful. But the truth is, there’s something much deeper that makes us different.   We are officials. We … more »

A Weekend Shaping the FUTURE of Sports Officiating

It was a crisp morning in Florida’s panhandle. We had just arrived at our first NIRSA Flag Football National Tournament, as we had recently partnered with NIRSA to help support the Student Officials Development Campaign. We entered the officiating hospitality suite and found 48 student officials, men and women from universities across the country, who had made … more »

Build Better Officiating Video Training Programs

Anytime we ask sports officials what is the most important thing they can do to get better, the answer is always the same: study video. We ask this to officials, at all levels, and it’s always unanimous. Making video study easier, more efficient, and more accessible is why ZOOOM exists today. So, how can you can … more »

Sports Officiating is Changing. And So Is ZOOOM.

It’s been a year FULL of changes. Not only in sports officiating, but also here at ZOOOM! There’s never been an easier way to break down game video, specifically designed for the needs of sports officials. Here’s what it looks like… It’s extremely easy to use! Analyze your game video and plays by adding voiceovers, … more »

Lessons From a Room Full of Zebras. The Future of Sports Officiating.

The zebras we’re speaking about are sports officials, umpires and referees from nearly every sport – Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby to the National Football League. At the end of July we sat silently, eyes wide, in a room filled with zebras from all over the world.  And we learned a lot! Not just about … more »