Build Better Officiating Video Training Programs

Anytime we ask sports officials what is the most important thing they can do to get better, the answer is always the same: study video. We ask this to officials, at all levels, and it’s always unanimous. Making video study easier, more efficient, and more accessible is why ZOOOM exists today. So, how can you can … more »

Sports Officiating is Changing. And So Is Zooom.

Its been a year FULL of changes! Not only in sports and officiating, but also here at Zooom. If its been a while since you dropped by, there’s a whole lot of “new” to see, but let us start with a few of our favorites! There’s an easier way to break down game video, designed … more »

Lessons From a Room Full of Zebras. The Future of Sports Officiating.

The zebras we’re speaking about are sports officials, umpires and referees from nearly every sport – Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby to the National Football League. At the end of July we sat silently, eyes wide, in a room filled with zebras from all over the world.  And we learned a lot! Not just about … more »